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Unrivaled global audience intelligence

Understand your target audiences in all the markets that matter most to you. With 1,000+ questions in 43 major markets, we offer the world’s largest globally consistent audience dataset. Use 200,000+ datapoints to easily build, compare, and contrast detailed portraits of audiences across the globe.

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We work with clients to develop effective and efficient solutions drawn from any of our tools and services.


Extensive profiling capabilities to help you plan your marketing and negotiate winning commercial partnerships.


Continuous tracking and bespoke assessment to measure public perception of your league, team, event or brand.


Integrated analysis services to credibly assess the success and impact of any sports sponsorship investment.


Consultative services to help any sports organisation put forward its most compelling proposition. Economic Impact, Asset Valuation and more.


Unmatched expertise in TV coverage and viewership. Despite the current of change, television remains at the heart of sport consumption and we measure it from every angle.


Partner value is largely driven through brand exposure. We make it clear, complete and credible.


Modern measurement and reporting of the fastest growing marketing mediums across all platforms and channels – social and beyond.

The most comprehensive suite of insight services in the sports industry.

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REPORT | Free to download

This special report uncovers insights on Covid-19 and the impact of Australian sport. It covers the beliefs and expectations among sport fans, and looking ahead to a strong recovery of Australian sport in 2021.

REPORT | Free to download

In this report, we explore the state of a market that’s thriving amidst global crisis and uncertainty. With the release of new consoles and major titles launching across several different platforms, 2020 was always set to be an important year in gaming. But thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a pivotal year.

REPORT | Free to download

There can be a tendency among sports marketers to assume Europeans share similar outlooks. But this report shows the opposite – and how these differences mean that even small adaptations in marketing strategies can reap rewards in a market.

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