2022 BUZZ

The world’s buzziest sports events – ranked

YouGov Sport’s annual Buzz Report makes its return for 2022. As you’ve come to expect from last year’s report, the scope of the 2022 edition includes data we have collected on teams, leagues and events from around the globe. The 2022 report allows us to genuinely identify the world’s top-ranked Sports events across ten international markets.


The data included throughout the report comes from one of YouGov Sport’s signature capabilities, SportsIndex.

SportsIndex operates in 34 markets across the world, tracking 200 key domestic and international properties across 30 sports. Twenty-one properties are tracked in every single market. This tool gives our clients the capability to do everything from measuring the effect of yesterday’s news headlines to establishing a season-on-season trend stretching back years. And because it operates internationally, users can track and compare properties across the world.

Learn more about SportsIndex here.

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