At YouGov Sport, we exist to provide answers to the questions that drive your business.

Through our unique data sources and expertise, we support and inform a wide range of strategic decision-making across the sports industry.

Partner value is largely driven through brand exposure. We make it clear, complete and credible. Read more on how we can help you.


We are a global sports, sponsorship and entertainment research company, working with the industry’s key players to unlock meaningful, actionable insights. Founded as SMG Insight in July 2010, YouGov Sport is an integrated division of YouGov – one of the world’s largest and most respected research firms.


Since our inception we have looked to build strong and lasting customer relationships that put an emphasis on:

  • Client service
  • Insight that goes beyond the numbers
  • Rigorous, readable and robust data
  • Strategic data-driven commercial solutions

We provide key insight and expertise to the sport & entertainment industries. We work for rights-holders, brands and agencies delivering both media and consumer data.


All of our syndicated sports tools are underpinned by the data collected from our online community which is stored in our connected data set. A unique set of client interface tools provide unmatched insight to forward thinking sports organisations.

What the world thinks.


The YouGov Panel is built from sophisticated proprietary sampling technology and a relationship of mutual trust and respect nurtured over a decade.

We operate this highly engaged online community of millions of people all over the world, which means you can reach practically any audience you choose and get reliable, quality data you can trust.

  • 20 million+ people
  • 55+ markets
  • Surveys 365 days a year
  • All ID-tagged and fully profiled


The YouGov Cube is our connected data set encompassing hundreds of thousands of variables and over a decade of data on our panel members.

It’s this combination of panel members, variables, and time that enables us to provide great depth and richness on the audience you need.

A detailed study by Pew, ‘Vendor Choice Matters,’ concluded that YouGov consistently outperformed the others” .

SportsBoard one of the most powerful media analysis tools on the market.


World-class data delivery formats to speed and enhance your analysis.

YouGov SportsBoard
All of your viewership data tracked and displayed as you need it and ready for your interactive analysis.

Numerous filters, multi-layer drill-down functionality, a variety of display formats and full suite of export options.

“Hands-down the most comprehensive, interactive and intuitive media data dashboard
in the sports marketing industry.”

YouGov Crunch
Powerful consumer data analysis tool enabling instant and unlimited assessment of any custom or syndicated data set.  Comprehensive charting and export functionality.

PDF Reports
Professionally designed, accurate and easy-to-read reports complete with expert insight – ready to share.