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Asian Cup delivers results for whole region – new data shows

New data revealed by YouGov Sport shows that the AFC Asian Cup, hosted by the UAE, has delivered results for the whole MENA region.

YouGov Sport reported the day before UAE’s semi-final against Qatar how domestic excitement around the event had surpassed that surrounding FIFA’s Club World Cup – also hosted in the UAE and contested by the likes of Real Madrid and River Plate.

Indeed, excitement locally has been so high that UAE Buzz around the event has only now started to plateau – a full fortnight after the final.

But these most recent figures show that the tournament also attracted enormous international attention.

109,000 individual pieces of media coverage globally (and 61,000 for the UAE and Qatar national teams) means that the UAE was a focus of much of the footballing world while the competition took place.

And this figure was dwarfed by the number of social media mentions the tournament received. Over the same seven-week period, 330,000 social media posts referenced the Asian Cup.

Frank Saez, founder and Managing Director of YouGov Sport says that the data shows that organisers are hitting one of their key KPIs with the event.

“One of the objectives of the UAE’s event-hosting strategy is to sustain a high global profile for the country. These figures show that a tournament like the Asian Cup does just that – it gets people around the world talking about the country in a positive way.”

The data certainly suggests that the tournament has indeed made a global mark.