BLOG | by Lance Fraenkel

Brady to Bucs leaves a big space for Patriots to fill – in fanbase as well as on the field

As NFL fans say goodbye to the end of a Patriots era, we wanted to look at what effect Tom Brady’s move south has had on public perceptions of the two teams.

The good news for the Bucs is that Brady’s free agency deal has made a lot more people talk about them. The team’s Word of Mouth score has gone through the roof compared to how it looked a couple of weeks ago.

What’s more, Brady’s move also looks to have increased the number of NFL fans across the country who will now follow the fortunes of the Bucs. Over the past two weeks, the proportion of fans who have told us they follow (or support) the team has increased hugely too (see chart below).

But the Bucs’ gain is the Patriots’ loss. The proportion of those NFL fans who told us they follow the Patriots has almost halved over the same period – meaning that Brady’s departure has left more than just a big hole in the quarterback berth for the team.

We’ll keep tracking these figures daily to see if the fans begin to drift back to the Patriots as the summer goes on. Losing one of the game’s all-time greats was always going to hurt and now the onus is on the team to stop Brady’s great legacy from dwindling.

BLOG | by Lance Fraenkel

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