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Casino brands pushing at an open door with NFL fans – and Cowboys fans holding door open wide …

Following the Supreme Court’s strike-down of laws banning sports betting this year, the Dallas Cowboys became one of the first big football movers in the sponsorship market last month, signing a deal with Oklahoma’s WinStar World Casino and Resort.

As we’ve previously explored, betting companies will be counting on leveraging the same fruitful relationship between sport and gambling that exists in other countries. In the UK, for example, the industry yields nearly $18bn/£14bn (although that figure includes non-sporting activity like lotteries and bingo).

As it stands, NFL fans are only slightly more likely to engage in offline betting than the general public – see our chart below.

But look at the five gambling/casino brands which our data tells us have the best Impression amongst the US public.

All of the brands enjoys a significantly higher Impression among fans of the NFL than they do among the public. That suggests that casinos are pushing at an open door as far as football fans are concerned – and that the Cowboys/WinStar tie-up may be the first of many.

As for WinStar, it looks like they may have chosen well with the Cowboys. Fans of the Dallas team are even more inclined than NFL fans in general to have a positive impression of casino/gambling brands (chart below). The resort will be counting on Cowboys fans to ante up, then.

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