BLOG | by Ted Harwood

CGF ventures into esports – but is there really an affinity between video games and Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) this week announced that it has agreed an exploratory partnership with the Global Esports Federation (GEF) that aims to develop an esports strategy for the federation.

First, we looked at fans of the Commonwealth Games – are these people also likely to enjoy video games?

The answer is, yes, they are – and in greater numbers than the general population too. Fans of the Games are around a third more likely to also be interested in esports, making this crossover begin to look like a sweet spot for both organisations.

But what about the other side of the equation – esports fans? What do they make of the Commonwealth Games? Are they all about the video games or do they like the real thing too?

Well, esports fans are, in fact, much more likely to be interested in the Games than the general population (76% v 55%), telling us that when it comes to esports, it looks like there’s plenty of common ground for the Commonwealth Games to explore. On that basis, we look forward to seeing (and evaluating) what the deal uncovers.

Photo © Alex Carmichael

BLOG | by Ted Harwood

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