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Commonwealth Games six months on – the remarkable results for sponsors and rights-holders

Every sports right-holder likes to talk about the legacy their property leaves. But six months on from the end of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, what has been the impact of the event on Australians?

We looked at data we collect as part of our SportsIndex product, which, every day, tracks the opinions of Australians on a range of major sporting events, leagues and competitions – domestic and international.

At this stage of a major event’s life-cycle, we would expect positivity to be ebbing way, as the attention of fans turns to other, more current competitions. Yet our SportsIndex data on the Commonwealth Games tells a different story.

SportsIndex tracks opinion against 16 different metrics – everything from Awareness, right through to Current Customer. And of those 16 metrics, the Commonwealth Games is amongst the top five properties in all but three.

And while that may sound impressive, the real story is even more remarkable. Up against properties including the Summer and Winter Olympics, Australian Football League, National Rugby League and the Big Bash, the Commonwealths come top or second in nine of our 16 metrics (see graphic above).

It’s almost needless to say that against our ultimate barometer of brand health, our composite Index metric, the Commonwealth Games is Australia’s favourite sports property – six months after it left town.

And while the Gold Coast Games may have left a glow among Australians, this data is also good news for the event’s sponsors. Take a look at Impression for telecoms giant Optus, partner of the games. The brand has enjoyed a long-term boost in Impression among fans of Commonwealth sports – a trend that also showed up in every metric we checked, including Value, Quality and Reputation.

With Australia topping the medal table (which will also, of course, contribute to positivity around the event), there’s little question that this year’s Commonwealth’s were a golden success for the country.

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