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Understand and access market-specific fan data

50+ Markets | 200 Leagues | 50 Events | 45+ Game titles | 2,000 teams

Global Fan Profiles provides an instant view of the size, make-up, attitudes and behaviors of fan bases in 50+ markets. Identify how big the fan base is, who the fans are, how they consume content and how they align with the thousands of brands and audience trends we track daily.

Receive continuously updated, market-specific fan data across 200 leagues, 50 events, 46 game titles and 2,000 teams, covering sport and esports, directly at your fingertips.

Robust, relevant global sample: Global Fan Profiles works with data where all survey respondents indicate a level of interest in sport and/or esports. Reach out owned panel of over 11 million consumers enabling analysis of global and country specific market sizing, assuring accurate projections for any fan base.

Connected, deep dive profiling: Connect data across sport and esports with core demographics, media consumption, brand preference, interest, following, viewing and awareness.

Uncover the industry’s newest and most comprehensive data among thousands of esports fans per market and create side-by-side comparisons of individual game titles, leagues, events, tournaments, and team fan bases.

*NEW* Esports module: Measuring and tracking global consumer engagement with esports properties across 32 markets.

“Esports is such a valuable and fast-developing industry that properties, partners and rights holders deserve to have accurate and always-on data at their fingertips. Sponsors are getting more sophisticated about how and where they choose to invest in the space, and YouGov Global Fan Profiles is the most comprehensive, in-depth and valuable dataset in the market. This tool represents an important step in moving the conversation away from generic “esports fans,” and toward a more nuanced view of the distinct fan bases within this growing space.”

Nicole Pike, Global Sector Head of Esports & Gaming, YouGov

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