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FIFA World Cup 2022: Some England sponsors are already scoring goals

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – one of the globe’s most popular sporting events – is coming up in a few weeks, providing brands and marketers with an excellent opportunity to tap World Cup fans.

We’ve already written about how the FIFA World Cup generates almost as much global interest as the Summer Olympics, even surpassing it in several markets.

In this article, we use YouGov BrandIndex to examine the three England men’s football team sponsors – Xbox, LG and Budweiser – that have registered the biggest month-over-month improvements in their Buzz and Consideration score among British World Cup fans from September 7 to October 6. For this piece we define FIFA World Cup fans as consumers who say the event is a top interest or are ‘somewhat interested’ in it.

Official partner Xbox witnessed a rise of 5.9 percentage points in its Buzz score among British World Cup fans, rising from 1% on September 7 to 6.9% on October 4. Within this longer period, its Consideration score rose by 2.7 percentage points, from 8.9% percentage points on September 7 to 11.6% on September 15. The increase may be associated with the recently launched FIFA 23 video game.

A brand’s Buzz score is a net measure based on responses to two questions: “Over the past two weeks, which of the following brands have you heard something positive about?” and “Now which of the following brands have you heard something negative about?”. We create our Buzz metric by calculating the difference between these two scores. The Consideration scores are calculated based on the question: “When you are in the market to purchase (product or service), from which of the following brands would you consider purchasing?”

In the last 30 days (7 Sept- 6 Oct) LG’s Buzz score increased by 6.4 percentage points from 4.3% on September 8 to 10.7% on October 3 in the Britain market. The brand recently launched the world’s largest OLED TV at 97” and the 136” LG Micro LED. Within the same timeframe and market, its Consideration score also saw a substantial increase of 6.5 percentage points from 28.8% on September 16 peaking to 35.3% on October 6 among British World Cup fans.

Beer giant Budweiser launched a campaign called “The World is Yours to Take” in more than 70 countries with football legends Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Raheem Sterling. The brand is offering an opportunity to win free match tickets, throwing fanfest parties, and even putting out NFTs. Last month (Sept 7-Oct 6), Budweiser’s Buzz score increased by 3.1 percentage points from 3.3% on September 9 to 6.4% on September 26. The brand’s Consideration score grew by 3.4 percentage points from 19.9% on September 7 to 23.4% on September 15.

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Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. A brand’s Buzz score is based on the question: “Over the past two weeks, which of the following video games have you heard something positive about?” and “Now which of the following video games have you heard something negative about?” and delivered as an OR net score between –100 and + 100. Scores are based on an average daily sample size of 28,805 UK adults between September 7 and October 6, 2022. The figures are based on a two-week moving average. Learn more about BrandIndex.

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