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FIFA World Cup in Qatar: Fans say the new approach to stoppage time has worked well

Thanks to a new approach to stoppage time, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has seen games last a lot longer – with England’s group-stage victory over Iran running for over 117 minutes.
But are fans enjoying the extended matches, or can you have too much of a good thing?

New YouGov research suggests that the changes to stoppage time have gone down well with football fans who have followed this year’s World Cup, with 75% saying the new approach has worked well, and just 16% saying it has worked badly.

Beyond whether it’s functioned as intended, fans are more likely to say the stoppage time directive has improved the football than not. Some 45% say it has made the World Cup more enjoyable, with 34% saying it has made no difference and 13% saying it has made the tournament less enjoyable.

That said, just a third of fans (32%) think stoppage time is the best way to decide how much time to add on to a football match – while two in five (42%) think it’s better to stop the clock every time the ball goes out of play. One in five say both systems are equally fair (20%).

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