BLOG | by Ted Harwood

YouGov FootballIndex – How much competition do MLS clubs face from Europe?

As David Beckham’s dream of establishing a Miami-based Major League Soccer club draws closer to realisation, we thought we’d compare the popularity of US and European soccer teams in the States.

The data makes for interesting reading.

Although no MLS team makes it into the top five for our Current Customer metric (a measure of support for a team), three make it into the top ten. What that means is that New York Red Bulls, LA Galaxy and New York City FC are all better supported in the US than the likes of European giants including Juventus, Chelsea and Paris St Germain.

In the chart below, you can see the top five supported (among the US public) European teams, alongside the best supported US teams – using a 52-week average score.

As we noted, none of the top five US clubs make it into the overall top five – but it’s a close-run thing.

We’d expect the top US teams to continue challenging the cream of Europe because our data also shows that MLS teams make more of a dent in the rankings when it comes to our Awareness and Attention metrics – which are often the pre-cursor to fandom. In that sense, the future is bright for the MLS – and Beckham’s Miami team too.

Photo by Humberto Santos

BLOG | by Ted Harwood

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