BLOG | by Tracy Schoenadel

Four consumption habits of fans of NBA playoff teams

We thought we’d take a look at the habits of fans of successful NBA teams. Our sample here is NBA fans who support one of the four remaining playoff teams (Golden State Warriors, Portland Trailblazers, Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors). The analysis delivered some genuinely interesting results.


Fans of our successful teams are significantly more likely to drink Heineken and Hawaiian Punch than NBA fans in general. How’s that for a beverage combination? Having said that, Coca-Cola is the favorite for both groups so that’s still your safe bet …

Who they trust their hard-earned money with

Wells Fargo is the favorite bank of this year’s playoff survivors and fans of these teams are 40% more likely to bank with the brand compared to fans of other NBA teams.

While US Bank is 6th favorite among fans of current playoff teams (8% of fans bank there), they are 60% more likely to bank there than fans of other NBA teams.  That’s very likely because three out of four playoff teams are based in one of the ~17 states where US Bank operates. Sorry Raptors fans – no US Bank in Canada yet.


Perhaps it’s no surprise but fans of teams who are still part of the NBA action are more than twice as likely to be viewers of NBC Sports Network and 84% more likely to watch ESPN.

Playing it Safeway

If you wanted to shop in a store where you’d be most likely to bump into fans of playoff teams, you should try a Safeway. That’s because fans of this year’s successful teams are more than twice as likely to pick up their groceries there. At the very least, you’ll have basketball to talk about …

In reality, becoming a Safeway-shopping, Wells Fargo-banking, Heineken-drinking NBC Sports-watcher is highly unlikely to shift your team’s play-off hopes next year. But what this insight does show is the granularity which good data provides you with. We hope you had some fun reading it.

BLOG | by Tracy Schoenadel

Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Sports, North America

Tracy is one of the leading authorities in sport marketing and sponsorship research with 25 years of experience in the sponsorship and advertising industry, as well as holding academic positions at University of Massachusetts Amherst, New York University, University of Richmond and University of Connecticut. Tracy was the original managing editor of the publication Sport Marketing Quarterly. She holds a degree in Sport Management.

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