BLOG | by Ted Harwood

Free-to-air final helps Cricket World Cup grow audience by two-thirds

New data has revealed that the proportion of Brits who tuned in to at least part of the ICC Cricket World Cup grew by two-thirds by the end of the tournament – at least partly thanks to Sky’s decision to make the final available free-to-air.

The new data, released today, shows that by the end of the competition more than two-thirds (35%) of Brits had tuned in to highlights or a live game, up from one-fifth (21%) two and a half weeks into the tournament. At that time England had played four games, including the opener against South Africa, and others against Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies.

The polling also found that by the end of the Cricket World Cup, 80% of Brits were aware of the tournament, up from 55% in the earlier stages of the competition.

In a bumper summer for sport, British audiences also threw themselves into the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

45% of those polled watched at least highlights of the tournament, with one in four (26%) telling researchers they had watched at least one match. Only 14% of Brits were completely unaware that the World Cup was taking place, which compares to 21% for the Cricket World Cup.

Commenting, Ted Harwood, Head of Product Sales at YouGov Sport, who undertook the research, said:

“The Cricket World Cup enjoyed full stadia from day one and this shows that as the tournament progressed, it really captured the imagination of the public.

“The ICC will be delighted that with the momentum the tournament picked up – as will sponsors who got more and more value from their partnerships as time went on.”

BLOG | by Ted Harwood

Head of Product Sales

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