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GB – Which motorsport drivers gained the most fans this year?

Formula 1 driver George Russell’s stock is rising. The 23-year-old driver – who this year helped break a two-year dry spell for Williams – saw his popularity rise in Great Britain more than any other motorsport driver. 

According to YouGov data, 31% of Brits who follow motorsport say Russell is one of their favorites, marking a whopping 18-point increase compared to December 2020.

Lando Norris, the youngest British F1 driver in the history of the sport, also posted a huge 12-point gain in popularity this year, with 35% of British motorsport fans listing him as a favorite, compared to 23% in the prior year. This boost is very likely a reflection of the McLaren driver’s outstanding 2021 season.

Mexican driver Sergio Pérez (Red Bull Racing) comes in third on our list of upward-trending motorsport drivers, posting a six-point increase in popularity in Britain this past year, from 3% to 9%.

Switching to the realm of two-wheel motorsport, MotoGP rider Marc Márquez saw a four-point hike in popularity this year, which saw his return to the sport after breaking his right arm in the opening race of 2020.

Pierre Gasly, racing for Scuderia AlphaTauri, had an excellent start to the 2021 season that translated into a successful season, most recently claiming P6 in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The French driver posted a notable three-point increase in popularity this year, with 5% of motorsport fans listing him as a favourite, up from 2% last year.

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