YouGov Sport launches new global insights service – all the essentials to monitor and profile fans around the world

YouGov Sport has launched a new international insights service, Global Fan Profiles, aimed at everyone who cares about the measurement of sports leagues and teams and how fans consume sports around the world.

Global Fan Profiles joins YouGov’s local market profiling product (Profiles) and its daily brand tracker (BrandIndex), which covers over 10,000+ brands, hundreds of leagues and teams around the world.

The strength of Global Fan Profiles will be its unique combination of data-points, collected every day, alongside the YouGov Sport’s commitment to evolving the product to provide the essential sports data clients demand as they expand beyond domestic borders.

Charlie Dundas
Commercial Director
YouGov Sport

“We’ve seen demand for a product which allows clients to profile and market-size fanbases – but to do it with data that’s updated every day, not just once or twice a year. Data’s a bit like milk – if it’s not fresh, you run the risk of spoiling what you’re making.

“With Global Fan Profiles, we’ve created a service that specifically meets the needs of the sports market. It ticks the boxes of freshness, scale and detail – so you can see how your club or your deal is performing or which league or club’s audience best suits your objectives. It’s a real all-rounder.”

Global Fan Profiles allows users to focus on fans of one or more of 21 globally famous leagues and events, as well as hundreds of other domestic competitions. In practical terms:

  • A league, event or team will be able to get a much better sense of what their fanbase looks like, as well as whether it is growing or shrinking – in multiple markets
  • A brand will be able to see which sport, club, competition or country offers an audience closest to that it wishes to reach
  • An agency will be able to match brands and rights-holders much more closely based on a better understanding of what each has to offer in each market

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