BLOG | by Vinith Moorthy

How do UAE residents want to finish the sports season?

As you may have seen, we’ve been asking markets around the world their views on re-starting sporting activities. While some sports leagues around the world have ended their seasons as a result of COVID-19, in other countries fans are still waiting to find out how competitions will end.

We’ve also asked this question in the UAE, where restrictions in other areas of life have already been eased – for example, residents are now allowed to move freely between the hours of 6am to 10opm without a permit.

Truth be told, UAE residents are split on how sports competitions should be concluded. See our chart below.

A third of them want sports competitions to be completed at a later date, no matter when that might be (compare that to India where 43% of people chose that option and the UK, where 39% of people said the same).

But a fairly high proportion (24%) also believe that, in the event of a long suspension (which we qualified as two months or longer), competitions should be abandoned with no winners. Fourteen percent say that in the event of such a delay, sports organisers should find some other way of identifying winner and losers.

The fact is that, just like in other countries, there is no clear consensus on the way ahead for sports – something which sports organisers will have to grapple with in the coming weeks. Sometimes the data just confirms how complex everything is.

BLOG | by Vinith Moorthy

Client Services Manager

Vinith has been working in research for more than 8 years and has conducted projects across a variety of consumer sectors including government, sports, entertainment, food & beverage, personal case, automotive and real estate.His expertise spans usage & attitude studies, marketing evaluation, brand health trackers, large consumer research studies, concept and product testing, and post launch evaluation.


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