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Analysis: COVID-19 and the return of German sport

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REPORTS | by YouGov Sport ... As we consider how sport can re-claim its place at the centre of German life, keeping track of what the public thinks will be a key consideration. Returning too soon or too late could have serious repercussions for sports administrators. At YouGov Sport, we are pleased to offer a helping hand in this regard. As the sports and entertainment specialist arm of YouGov, we ask Germans every day about their views on sport, on specific teams and leagues and – since the outbreak of COVID-19 – about sports fans’ views on that too. And we’re happy to share some of our insights with you in the shape of this special report.

SportsIndex 7th Annual Buzz Report

REPORTS | by YouGov Sport ... With the Rugby World Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup all taking place, 2019 was a year packed with sport. This 7th edition of our annual Buzz Report will tell you which England side created the most positive world cup noise in 2019, as well as answers to a host of other questions.

UAE Football Today White Paper

REPORTS | by YouGov Sport ... Our UAE Football Today white paper looks at the country’s perceptions of the world’s favourite sport, how its domestic league fares against its European neighbours and what drives the UAE’s love of football.

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