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SportsIndex 7th Annual Buzz Report

REPORTS | by YouGov Sport ... With the Rugby World Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup all taking place, 2019 was a year packed with sport. This 7th edition of our annual Buzz Report will tell you which England side created the most positive world cup noise in 2019, as well as answers to a host of other questions.

UAE Football Today White Paper

REPORTS | by YouGov Sport ... Our UAE Football Today white paper looks at the country’s perceptions of the world’s favourite sport, how its domestic league fares against its European neighbours and what drives the UAE’s love of football.

SportsIndex Reports 2014-2019

ARCHIVED REPORTS | Free to download We are pleased to share with you our previous SportsIndex annual reports. Get in touch if you want to find out more but in the meantime please enjoy the reports and the insights they will provide to you and your team.

Sport Talk Report

REPORTS | by YouGov Sport ... Are we all talking about the World Cup? Or is the NBA more interesting? If you live in a soccer-mad nation, it’s easy to think that the whole world is talking World Cup football right now. But is that the case? Our new Sport Talk report visits countries around the world and uncovers what sports events people are talking about around the world right now.

Special Report | Special Relationship

REPORTS | by YouGov Sport ... This report reveals for the first time the data driving the efforts of the NFL and soccer to build audiences on foreign soil. The Special Relationship report looks at how the differences between British and American sports fans are steering the sports’ strategies to break into one another’s home markets. It offers a unique trove of data and analysis for every sport looking to grow its footprints beyond home turf, examining factors as broad as fantasy sports, Title IX, season scarcity, soccer moms and commercial deals across both sides of the Atlantic.