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Racism in football: how has opinion changed among ethnic minority fans?

5 August 2021|Tags: , , , |

BLOG | by YouGov Sport ... The Three Lions made headlines by continuing to taking the knee throughout the Euro 2020 tournament in protest at racial inequality and abuse. Now, ahead of the start of the new domestic season, the EFL has reaffirmed their support for players and staff members choosing to continue taking the knee before matches.

How UK football fans feel about shorter matches, sin bins, and other potential rule changes

26 July 2021|Tags: , , , |

BLOG | by YouGov Sport ... FIFA plans to test out a quintet of rule changes, some of which would substantially alter the game of football should they be implemented across the sport. New YouGov polling suggests that while some of these changes may be welcomed by British football fans, others may just push fans’ tolerance for messing with the beautiful game.

A look at the sponsors that have made the biggest impact during Euro 2020

5 July 2021|Tags: , , , , |

BLOG | by YouGov Sport ... While we’re still some way from knowing which nation will win Euro 2020, at YouGov we already have a clear idea of which advertisers are using the tournament to good effect. That’s because we’ve looked at some of the major brands sponsoring the Euros to see which are enjoying the most cut-through with consumers, using our Ad Awareness metric.

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