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Italians still want to attend Serie A games, despite Covid-19

The number of Italians who would consider attending a Serie A match has remained steady in the face of the suspension of matches across Italy as a result of Covid-19.

In defiance of the suspensions, almost a third of Italians (31%) would still consider attending a game, slightly up from 28% four weeks ago.

Although the figure is lower (30%) in northern Italy – the area most affected by the outbreak – the proportion of those who would consider attending a game live has increased by more than five percentage points over the past four weeks (up from 24%).

Frank Saez, Managing Director of You Gov Sport, which has collected the data, believes the figures suggest fans will find cancellations and suspensions disappointing.

“While it’s clear that the public needs to adhere to public health guidance, this data tells us that there is still an appetite among fans to attend sports events. It may well be that people have weighed up what they see as the risks of attending a spectator event and are prepared to take them.

“Although organisers will be taking the advice of public health officials across the world when it comes to dealing with sports events, it’s useful to see how data like this reflects the strength of feeling among the public. Clearing the calendar of fixtures may well be one of the least popular acts which officials order.”


  • The data was collected daily in Italy by YouGov Sport as part of its SportsIndex tool.
  • SportsIndex tracks sports events and leagues daily in markets across the world.
  • The daily sample size for this data ranged between 291 and 644 people.