BLOG | by Victor Gras

Just who are America’s most prestigious franchises right now?

Some things in life take time. The game-winning run can come from a single swing of the bat. A touchdown can be scored in a moment. A match-winning lead can be achieved in a single inning. A Super Bowl ring won over a season. But prestige? Real prestige? That takes a little longer.

It’s why we choose it as one of the 16 metrics we track for all of America’s biggest teams in our SportsIndex service. We ask the public about it every day as part of our Reputation measure.

So, according to average scores over the last quarter, who are America’s most prestigious teams?

Well, if we take a quick look at the top ten, there are four MLB, four NBA and two NFL teams in the mix.  (When we undertook this exercise in December, it was two, three and five from each league, respectively.)

Overall winners this quarter are the Yankees, beating the Red Sox by a clear three points. In fact, baseball teams currently make up four of the top five teams for our Reputation metric.

Basketball teams make up positions seven to ten, with the Bulls coming out as the most prestigious franchise (remember our Reputation metric asks specifically about the prestige of a team).  But you could throw a blanket over all four NBA teams, separated as they are by just 1.3 points.

The highest placed NFL team is the Packers, one of the country’s oldest franchises and, of course, the only non-profit – although back in December, the Patriots nudged out the Packers, giving you a sense of how these rankings can be influenced by performances.

So there’s our list in full. Does it look like prestige is nothing but sleight of hand to you? Let us know your thoughts and theories on Twitter or LinkedIn.

BLOG | by Victor Gras

Head of Client Services

Joining YouGov Sport in March 2018, Victor brings seven years of global sports sponsorship expertise. In his last role, he led Nielsen’s Market Intelligence activity across all US verticals, working with brands, rights holders and agency clients. He also worked previously with the New York Road Runners, where he helped TCS launch the title partnership of the NYC Marathon, as well as with the ASO, optimizing sponsorship strategies for the Tour de France and the Paris Marathon.