BLOG | by Alejandro Herrera

Just who are Liga MX’s Top 10 best-supported teams?

The question of who is the biggest team in Mexico is always up for debate. It can’t just be settled by working out who is the best-supported club – you need to consider other factors like trophies won and support from overseas – but it certainly goes some of the way to answering the question.

So what does our data tell us? Through our online data platform Profiles, we ask people every day about their preferences and interests on a wide range of topics to create one of the largest libraries of consumer insights in the world; So we asked Mexicans which team they support. In addition, while many people told us that they supported more than one, the table below shows the overall rankings.

As you can see, Guadalajara come out top overall, with support from almost one in four members of the Mexican public. However, archrivals América are pushing Chivas hard, claiming the support of more than 22% of the public. Surprisingly, UNAM come third, narrowly beating Cruz Azul (a reverse of the ranking of number of championship titles won).  Monterrey is then the other team in double figures for support and comes on top from its local enemy Tigres.

Lower down the table come teams like, UANL, León, Toluca, Santos Laguna, and Pachuca.  While the affinity for a favorite team has proved through time that bears little changes, we may see that monitoring during a competition and off drives surprises. Therefore, brands and broadcasters have to look often at these rankings as to hold the correct fan sensitivity for their initiatives.

Equally, if you are using this data to score points or win arguments with friends – a word of warning. These supporter numbers can go up and down – as teams win or lose, sign or sell stars. Therefore, while they may help you win your argument today, it might not be the same next month. Check back with us in the future, if you want to keep up to date, or “if you wish to see your team on top next time”.

BLOG | by Alejandro Herrera

 Alejandro Herrera 
Senior Sales Director, Mexico

“Mack” as he is known in the sports marketing arena, brings more than 25 years of experience in the sponsorship and sports marketing platform, with previous roles that cover numerous areas across the sports industry from top corporate positions in marketing/sport management, athlete marketing, to events production and sports marketing scholar. Mack is currently in charge of developing the Mexican market and opening the door in Latin America as the Senior Sales Director for both YouGov and YouGov Sport business.​


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