BLOG | by Joseph Eapen

Last season set records for the IPL’s brand metrics. Is it possible that it will set more this time around?

For all its rivals, the IPL remains the noisiest and most colourful T20 tournament in the world. To follow up on our blog from January, we thought we’d look at how the property is performing as the clock ticks down to the first ball of its new season in just a couple of weeks.

As we reported earlier in the year, the IPL is a topic of conversation for Indians all year round. In fact, with two-thirds of them (66%) chatting to friends and family about the competition during its peak last season, we asked whether there was a more talked-about league in the world?

Since then, we’ve continued to track the property daily so let’s look at another couple of metrics – Buzz and Ad Awareness.*

As you can see from the chart above, both metrics have enjoyed significant uplifts since the IPL’s player auction in Kolkata in December, with Buzz increasing by 8% in the three weeks immediately afterwards. And instead of falling away, as you might expect following a big marketing set-piece like the auction, organisers have managed to sustain those levels.

So how does this performance compare to previous editions of the league? Well, a look back to last year’s data shows that this appears to be a property that can do no wrong.

Event metric scores have increased across the board compared to this time last year (we use a three-month average in the table above), which in itself was a record year for audience size. With the league beginning on 29 March, we look forward to seeing what other records might be smashed during the new season – with and without the bat.

*Buzz is a net score of whether a respondent has heard something positive or negative about the league in the past two weeks and Ad Awareness asks respondents whether they have seen an ad for it in the past two weeks. View all SportsIndex definitions.

BLOG | by Joseph Eapen

Senior Vice President, India

Joseph has 20 years’ experience in marketing research and media measurement.  He joined YouGov Sport from Repucom where he was SVP South Asia. Prior to that, he was at Media Research Users Council (MRUC), an industry body in India, where he was CEO and responsible for the Indian Readership Survey 2010 (the largest readership study in the world). He was previously the CEO of aMap, the second largest overnight TV ratings company in the world.



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