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NBA Breakdown – Is the All-Star Game bad news for the NBA and which teams have most fans?

Despite the NBA All-Star Game being a free-scoring affair this year, it still attracts its fair share of critics, not least for the interruption the game creates to the regular season. But what does it do for perceptions of the league among the public?

The data suggests that it at least does no harm.

Compared to levels when the last regular season games were being played, Buzz around the League is up following the All-Star Game. The game also seems to have increased chatter among friends and family around the league (Word of Mouth metric), as well as increasing the number of people who consider themselves to be ‘Current Customers’ of the NBA.

Best-supported teams

While the All-Star Game didn’t pitch conference against conference this year, we thought we’d take a look at which are the best supported teams on each side of the country.

Here are the five teams with the biggest current fanbases in each conference – as they stand at the moment.

One of the things that jumps out is the dominance of the Lakers and the Warriors, with both currently better supported than any of the Eastern top five. But not every fan is loyal and fanbase sizes change over the course of the season as games are won and lost and as stars burn bright or burn out. Let’s see where these fanbases stand come the play-offs.

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BLOG | by Victor Gras

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