BLOG | by Tracy Schoenadel

NBA – Which teams are attracting the most positive chatter?

The NBA sparks into life this week, but which teams are providing the brightest flames as the season begins? We took a look at our Buzz metric to see which teams are enjoying the most positivity among the general population – and NBA fans – as the season begins.

Our Buzz metric captures whether people have heard something positive or negative about a team and creates a net score for each. The most a brand or team can score is a +100. The least: -100. But frankly, most are happy to be in the credit column.

As you can see above, it’s the Clippers who are buzzing the highest among the general population, a good margin ahead of the 76ers. The Clippers are widely tipped for the Championship this season, and, as long as they keep winning, we’d expect to see them stay towards the top of the rankings.

But which clubs are attracting the most positive chatter among the cognoscenti – NBA fans themselves? The chart below tells us and it looks pretty different.

Five out of five are from the Western Conference and only two teams feature in both top fives – the Clippers and the Warriors. There shouldn’t be any bias in polling west v east here – all our samples are national weighted – so it’s interesting that Western teams should feature so strongly, with scores much higher than among the total population. There’s also little question that the Pelicans are in this company because of the Williamson effect – and also his injury this week.

As we look throughout the list, it’s no surprise to see that positive Buzz is correlated with predicted performance and overall excitement for a team. For example, none of the bottom five are tipped to challenge for the Championship – and their scores are possibly a reflection on all those pundit prediction pieces you see in the days before a season starts.

BLOG | by Tracy Schoenadel

Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Sports, North America

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