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New polling reveals that almost all those aware of Woods v Mickelson match are planning to tune in

With Mickleson v Woods just a matter of days away, we thought we’d take a look at how interest in this one-off golf event is shaping up in the US.

Using our Omnibus service, we asked more than a thousand Americans their views on ‘The Match’. Here’s what they told us.

Amongst the US total population, only one in five is aware of the event.  However, when you segment by those who consider themselves ‘very interested’ in golf, this statistic significantly increases, with a healthy 75% of adult golf fans aware of the pending Woods v Mickelson face-off – see our chart below. And while awareness does not always translate to interest, in the case of ‘The Match’ it definitely does – almost the same proportion as those aware of the event are also interested in it.  So if you know about it, you are interested in tuning in – something presumably driven by the contest’s novelty.

But what happens when we move down the purchase funnel to intent to watch? Ordinarily, we’d expect the figures to drop significantly. Yet in the case of ‘The Match’ the numbers drop only very slightly.

While 21 percent of those we polled told us that they were interested in the event, 19 percent said that they were likely to watch, something which bodes pretty well for rights holder WarnerMedia. And among those very interested in golf, that number rises to a strong 76% (notably the exact same proportion of those aware of the event – so offering no drop-off at all). That means that of those aware of the event – both in the general population and golf fan groups – almost all have signalled to us that they are likely to watch. That’s pretty remarkable.

So with this weekend’s special event set to be seen by as many as one in five Americans, unless it’s a dud, the likelihood of ‘The Re-Match’ becomes ever more likely.

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