BLOG | by Scott Horowitz


Bud’s hockey deal locks down fans’ favoritism

Budweiser tied up a new multi-year deal with hockey in December, making Bud Light the official beer of the NHL in the US.

In fact, despite Miller Coors having been in place as sponsor for seven years until 2018, Bud Light was already the unofficial beer of the sport. More than one in ten (10.6%) of hockey fans have bought Bud Light in the past 30 days. That compares with 6.4% for Coors Light (although noting that Molson Canadian was the League’s official beer until Miller Coors’ deal expired).

What puts the NHL in a strong place with beer brands is that hockey fans are significantly more likely to drink all of them.

In the case of Bud Light, 8.5% of all Americans have drunk in it the past month compared, as we mention above, to 10.6% of NHL fans.

And for Coors Light, Corona, Budweiser and Heineken – in fact every single beer brand that we track – it’s the same story. Hockey fans just drink more of them all. So beer brands in general should all be raising a glass to the League this season, whether they are a sponsor or not.

Racism accusations not denting NHL’s health

Faced with accusations of racism, it’s been a tough couple of months for the NHL brand more generally.

But in some good news for the NHL as the year turns, it looks like the saga hasn’t hit the League’s overall brand health. Our Index score – a composite of six brand health metrics – shows that brand health among the general population has remained steady for most of the year and has in fact been on the rise since October.

And among Hispanic and black people, while hockey endured a dip in overall brand health over the summer, its score is more or less back to where it was at the start of the year.

So while the racism accusations will have troubled administrators and supporters alike, it appears that the US public is not letting them alter their overall perception of the sport.

BLOG | by Scott Horowitz

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