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Revealed – German sports fans’ favourite brands

YouGov Sport today reveals some of sports fans’ favourite brands.

By using the data we collect every day as part of our Profiles service, we have looked at a range of categories to see which brands sports fans are currently customers of. We’ve also looked at how much their buying habits are different from those of the German general public.


There’s no difference between the top five beers for sports fans and for the general public. But all of the top five most-bought beers are as popular or more popular among sports fans – meaning that sports fans continue to be a great segment for brewers to target.

Krombacher enjoys the biggest market share among fans, with two percent more sports fans counting themselves as current customers. That’s an uplift that is shared by Warsteiner – and with both brewers heavily invested in sports partnerships, it should come as no surprise.


Cars are a category of goods where the buying habits of sports fans and the general population do not completely align. Among sports fans, Audi bumps Mercedes Benz out of the top five. But it’s not just Audi which enjoys more custom from our fan segment. They also favour Volkswagen, with 2% more of them buying VWs than the general population – a small but significant uplift in terms of the whole market for car-buying.

Media channels

Sports fans are much more likely to watch ZDF and, perhaps less surprisingly, major sports rightsholder, Sky, than the general public. By contrast, they are significantly less likely to be customers of Netflix and Amazon Prime. All that may, of course, change if the streaming companies acquire major sports rights in Germany. (Note – this chart shows a selection of media channel channels, not the top five).


With partnerships in sports ranging from football to Formula E, it is no surprise to see general insurer Allianz achieve a dividend from its sports-related activity. Nineteen percent of German sports fans are current customers of the brand, compared to 17% of the general public.

But supplementary health insurer AOK, which operates in a different market to Allianz, is also heavily invested in sports partnership, with deals with DHB and in football. Yet it is finding the dividend among sports fans harder to find according to these figures. The brand is less purchased by our fan segment than the general population.

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