To make the best decisions, you need the complete picture. We provide a number of strategic analysis services to help you put forward your most compelling proposition.

The solutions most commonly requested by our clients include …

Economic Impact Report

Sound calculations based on a full assessment of all spend and value creation delivered by your league, team or event. National, regional or local impact options for any sports property.

Sponsor Fit Analysis

Integration of fan base and brand perception data delivers undeniable proof of which brands are best served by sponsorship of specific sports, leagues, teams and events. We help you find the best fit and arm you with the important data for your strategic planning or partnership negotiations.

Asset & Naming Rights Valuation

Critical to sponsorship negotiations, a complete review of all media, on-site, defined value and intangible assets drives a quantifiable package calculation to support commercial objectives.

Branding Optimisation

Granular assessment of partner brand exposure data tells us where branding plans are winning or falling short. We work with both brands and rights-holders to make the most of branding inventory and signage plans.

Providing critical answers to the questions that drive your business.

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