It’s not enough to see WHAT is happening to your brand.
You also need to understand WHY it’s happening.

Our connected tools allow you to do just that.

Because our data comes from a single, unified source
our 20-million-plus-strong-panel of people
each one identifiable and re-targetable by us – you can re-connect with a specific segment for deeper insight, while continuing to track the views of the wider market.

Follow up among your chosen cohort with custom questions, unpick their attitudes and behaviours and even trial business executions on them – before continuing to track their views over time.

Blend and merge your custom metrics with our standard syndicated measures – even your own databases.

Track longer-term behaviours but also understand the short-term decisions and attitude changes which are feeding into them with laser-like precision.

Because our data and tools are connected, we give you the answers, not just the clues.

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Use our connected data and start to reveal insights
in three dimensions, not just two.