Sport on television is alive and well, but digital media is today’s fastest moving marketing channel.

The platforms, formats and data are vast, and YouGov Sport has it all covered. Wherever the conversation is happening or the content is living, our tools will find it and measure it.

Many providers give you a deep but very narrow slice of digital data in their own ‘unique’ way. We provides a wide range of exposure and value measurements using transparent and consistent industry standard methodologies. This is the only way to assure your data can be effectively leveraged commercially.


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Social Media

Today, digital content and sponsor value starts with Social Media. We deliver a clear and simple view of all the metrics that matter. When assessing impact of an event or campaign on social media, you need to know:

  • Reach: How many eyeballs had the opportunity to see your brand?
  • Exposure: How many actually saw or watched your branded content?
  • Engagement: How many took the time to like, comment or share?
  • Value: What was all that exposure actually worth?

A clear view of impact and value.

Online Press

Most news is now read online. Whether on the website of a traditional newspaper or via another news site, this is where sports fans get their news. More importantly, this is where rights-holders and sponsors get their value. And we measure it all.

Exposure and value can be analysed in a number of ways:

  • By geography, time, publisher, topic, brand and by you

Measuring news where it is read most.

OTT / Streaming

As more and more sports properties turn to a variety of streaming options, accurate depiction of OTT audiences is more critical than ever. These viewers are often the most engaged and it is vital that you report them correctly.

YouGov Sport is quickly emerging as the leader in the provision of the most accurate and credible OTT viewer estimation models.

We do this using a number of key inputs:

  • Client data from owned streaming channels
  • Direct relationships with independent streaming rightsholders
  • On-going consumer sports media consumption surveys across 40+ key markets
  • Benchmarking of rated markets, programmes, and demographic make-up,
  • Expert modelling to bring all of these components together

Accurate viewership then allows us to apply the same industry-leading brand exposure analysis and valuation methodologies that we use for linear TV.

Streamed = Engaged = Value