Partner value is largely driven through brand exposure.
We make it clear, complete and credible.

We’ve been measuring and assessing sponsor brand exposure for over a decade, having pioneered the application of this image-recognition technology to the world of sports marketing.

Extensive analysis tools give you the strategic perspective you need to assess performance.

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Image Recognition

Our proprietary brand recognition software assesses the source, duration and quality of each and every exposure –identifying all brand exposure across TV, press and social.

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Brand Impact Score

Brand Impact Score methodology converts exposure into value to inform sponsorship performance.

Brand Impact Score · 5 Factors

Our proprietary brand exposure valuation methodology assessing each exposure on five critical impact metrics.

BIS 01

Degree of Clutter (Solus):
Number of other sponsors

BIS 02

The position of the brand

BIS 03

The size of the brand

BIS 04

How long the brand is shown

BIS 05

Number of instances of brand exposure