Connected Data

Strategic decisions in today’s world of sports and sponsorship require an integrated view of multiple data sources. Our suite of services is diverse yet connected – a vast resource at our fingertips – which helps us identify and answer your research requirements.


State-of-the-art monitoring tools and valuation methodology combine with a powerful client interface portal to put actionable insight at your fingertips.

Utilising our bespoke Schedule Monitor and Forecast Monitor tools we can report on what programming was and will be broadcast on over 2000 channels covering all countries. Allied to our in-house access to the official ratings from 50+ countries we have a comprehensive picture of your event’s global broadcast footprint.
Access to most of the world’s official TV ratings data at our desks in our London HQ allows us to give a full picture of your event’s audience numbers and make-up. It allows us to dig deeper quickly in response to your particular needs and means any necessary estimates are based on known facts and the best possible comparisons. TV data is augmented by all available online, social, radio and print audience data to give a full audience breakdown. In particular the burgeoning world of digital content is assessed by exposure type and platform and the quality of engagement with each (dwell times, click-throughs, likes, shares etc) as well as pure impression or view numbers.
Monitoring of all media coverage across all platforms and events to assess the brand exposure in whatever form it appears. The best digital technology available enables us to measure brand exposure sources by all different types, durations, combinations, clarity levels and sequences as accurately as possible. This enables our clients to optimise the use of the branding and signage assets they have, assess different scenarios and judge the potential value of unbranded assets.
Combining brand exposure figures and relevant audience data with the most accurate and appropriate Cost per Thousand and Spot cost methodology for each media to give an accurate picture of the ad equivalent value of each individual branding incidence. A weighted “net” media value taking into account qualitative elements for each media is also delivered using our patented Brand Impact Score Methodology (BIS) as appropriate for each media.
Are you receiving the correct coverage in the correct way according to your contractual obligations? We can help ensure that you get what you paid for, that your assets are used in the correct way, and that your rights are not abused or undermined by illicit activity.

An engaged, proprietary panel of over 8 million people, across 43 countries. A global picture of how consumers and brands interact through sport. Fast answers, segmented as you need.

Our engaged panel of 7.5 million ID-tagged, identifiable adults, across 43 countries, help create a global picture of how consumers and brands interact through sport. This means we either already have the information you require about sports consumers, their behaviour, habits and preferences; or can more easily, cost-effectively and quickly create a bespoke survey to find out what exactly you need to know about the global sporting landscape due to rarely having to start our questioning from scratch. We will help you understand markets and/or sports by media consumption, lifestyle habits, brand recognition and purchasing patterns and sport participation. Whether you want to look at sport participation or audience profiles, sponsor or event health comparisons or sponsor fit we can cost-effectively and quickly get the data you need (if we don’t have it already). Fast answers segmented as you need.

Designed specifically to help brands establish the optimum strategy to achieve their objectives and, once launched, ensure that brands get the most consumer impact possible from their investment. We can help with selection of the most appropriate “best fit” properties; establishment of achievable and distinct objectives; development of holistic evaluation systems to monitor KPIs and give actionable feedback; and evaluation of existing portfolios to opitimise them against ROI and ROO.
This service helps event organisers and their partners what spectators really think about venues and events as well as their future intentions. The studies look at who attendees really are, their knowledge and view of associated sponsors, how and which event related media they consumed, their broader product preferences and purchasing and their intention to revisit.

SportsIndex is our revolutionary new service tracking 200 leagues and events on 16 perception metrics across 38 countries. In field every day, 1.4 million surveys per year enable fan profiling for more than 2,000 teams across 30 sports with preference and perception links to 10,000 brands.

BrandIndex collects 8000 surveys every day measuring and tracking the public’s perceptions of brands. Over 7500 brands across 120 sectors/categories are monitored across 27 markets. Within these sectors are 17 sports and 60 events contained within YouGov Sport’s exclusive SportsIndex module. These surveys measure 16 key brand health, sentiment and brand purchase funnel metrics such as impression, reputation, satisfaction and consideration. Results can be compared by time, across markets, and between brands/events to help you target brands most appropriate for your event or sector, size that opportunity and track the response amongst various groups across multiple markets. Importantly, because results are delivered daily, you can measure campaign and news response in near real time of the actual occurrence.

Profiles gives a richer, more detailed and up-to-the-minute portrait of sports fans. Demographic and lifestyle data will tell you who they are, media consumption information advises how you and your sponsor can most effectively reach your targets and brand preference information measures your impact and opportunity through affinity with current or potential partners. The daily collection of data from over 150,000 respondents across 6000 data points means that information is always current and that you can segment markets in a myriad of ways consistently between markets.


Integrating Media and Consumer resources, our senior team of experts offer bespoke solutions to a wide range of strategic challenges. Clear evidence to help you make critical decisions.

Bringing together the very latest digital, social and online measurement techniques with up-to-the-minute consumer response data about media consumption and future expectations and desires of technology to give a lens into where sports fans will be looking for content, on which platforms and how this differs between markets, sports and levels of following. This information is invaluable in helping to project future commercial expectations, appropriately build digital assets into current propositions and create optimal routes to reach fans.

A vital tool in helping clients maximise return from their sponsorship and broadcast rights. We will consider both the tangible and intangible elements inherent in any offering alongside current trends and deals done, the possible costs in different approaches and sales performance of existing and comparative packages. In these days of burgeoning media platforms and routes relevant options for certain types of content will be considered alongside a fully informed view of the relative strengths of Free to Air, pay TV and online platforms and how they can work together to optimum effect.

This service is squarely aimed at maximising value for both rights holders and sponsors. Benchmarking creates context by looking closely at the competitive set. Auditing looks at the assets within a given property and how rights packages have been structured. This holistic view allows us to advise on optimal numbers of partners and categories, what should be in packages and how much they might be worth.

Our proprietary online tool and methodology allows you to weight the strategic objectives behind your sponsorship investment depending on the priorities of your business and how each property answer them. The results for each component measure of each property is thereby “normalised” so that the performance of each property within a sponsorship portfolio can be assessed and judged in a consistent and comparable way.

EIA studies give rights holders and host cities invaluable information about the direct and indirect financial return that sporting events bring to the wider economy. We bring together robust data and comprehensive analysis from all involved parties (spectators, hospitality, staff, infrastructure, marketing spend etc) to assess the overall contribution to the host economy. Media monitoring can also be brought into play to value the marketing benefits for the region/city from wider media exposure.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that help club’s either project into a robust commercial plan or review current practices to optimise revenue streams and control costs. This service ranges from assessing feasibility and financial viability framework for new stadia through to projecting demand and revenue forecasts for all critical areas of any stadia in general seating, hospitality, premium seating, corporate boxes, catering and merchandising.