So where do all the
answers come from?

Lift the hood on our solutions and you will find a raft of sector-leading tools and resources, backed by cutting-edge technology and the world’s largest inter-connected dataset.


All of our syndicated sports tools are underpinned by the data collected from our online community which is stored in our connected data set. A unique set of client interface tools provide unmatched insight to forward thinking sports organisations.

What the world thinks.


The YouGov Panel is built from sophisticated proprietary sampling technology and a relationship of mutual trust and respect nurtured over a decade.

We operate this highly engaged online community of millions of people all over the world, which means you can reach practically any audience you choose and get reliable, quality data you can trust.

  • 9.6 million + participants
  • 44 markets
  • Surveys 365 days a year
  • All ID-tagged and fully profiled


The YouGov Cube is our connected data set encompassing hundreds of thousands of variables and over a decade of data on our panel members.

It’s this combination of panel members, variables, and time that enables us to provide great depth and richness on the audience you need.

A detailed study by Pew, ‘Vendor Choice Matters,’ concluded that YouGov consistently outperformed the others” .



The ultimate planning and profiling tools to help you understand your fans or target audience and how to reach them.

YouGov Profiles
A sophisticated online platform offering interactive access to the unrivalled depth of the world’s largest integrated consumer data library.

YouGov Global Fan Profiles
Drawing from SportsIndex, BrandIndex and Profiles, Global Fan Profiles provides a high-level view of the sporting world, with interactive profiling of consumer ‘fandoms’ across the globe at any one point in time.


Sports properties are some of the most significant brands in the world. We track public perception of the world’s biggest brands, leagues, and events – every day.

YouGov BrandIndex
Unique solution tracking thousands of brands daily on 16 industry-standard metrics across 40+ product sectors in 38 markets.

YouGov SportsIndex
SportsIndex operates in 34 markets across the world, tracking 200 key domestic and international properties across 30 sports. 16 brand-style metrics track the health of the world’s leading sports properties.

SYNDICATED · Specialist Trackers

Our specialist trackers support the sport and travel industries with daily detail on public perception across the metrics that matter.

YouGov FootballIndex
More granular data for the football sector is provided by this daily tracker of the brand health and ‘fan funnel’ of the  world’s top football clubs, leagues and events. Always on, always up-to-date.

YouGov TeamIndex
TeamIndex tracks public perception of every team in the world’s biggest sports leagues, allowing clients to compete off the pitch, as well as on it.

YouGov DestinationIndex
The tool of choice for tourism boards and CVBs. Every major travel destination is a brand and must know how they are perceived by would-be visitors.  DestinationIndex tracks this perception on all metrics across all market segments – every day.

YouGov EventIndex
The world’s major sport and entertainment events are in constant competition for ticket-buyers, sponsors, viewers and rights fees. Their brand is their product and EventIndex is our finger on the pulse. As Buzz subsides post event, does Reputation hold strong?


It’s not enough to see WHAT is happening to your brand. You also need to understand WHY it’s happening.

Our connected tools allow you to do just that. Because our data comes from a single, unified source – our 9-million-strong panel, each one identifiable and re-targetable by us – you can re-connect with a specific segment for deeper insight, while continuing to track the views of the wider market.

Because our data and tools are connected, we give you the answers, not just the clues.

Use our connected data and start to reveal insights in three dimensions, not just two.

Follow up among your chosen cohort with custom questions, unpick their attitudes and behaviours and even trial business executions on them – before continuing to track their views over time.

Blend and merge your custom metrics with our standard syndicated measures – even your own databases.

Track longer-term behaviours but also understand the short-term decisions and attitude changes which are feeding into them with laser-like precision.

Traditional, static data used to be part of the answer. Our connected tools make them part of history.


A comprehensive media data-collection and analysis operation to fully assess the coverage and exposure of any event or sponsorship.

Every broadcast. Every market. Every channel. Every platform. Every day.

Schedule Monitor
Automated broadcast audit software to analyse how (and if) distribution translates to actual coverage.

TV Ratings
Access to 100% of the world’s officially rated television markets.

OTT Viewership
Robust estimation models based on intersection of actual streaming data and consumer consumption surveys. All sports, global coverage.

Image Recognition
Industry-standard image recognition software to identify all brand exposure across TV, press and social.

Brand Impact Score
Our proprietary brand exposure valuation methodology assessing each exposure on five critical impact metrics.


Your bespoke questions delivered directly to the sample you want to survey.

Your questions, your answers, direct to you.

YouGov Custom Surveys
Expertly designed questionnaires delivered via YouGov’s modern multi-device survey platform to assure optimal data quality and user experience.

YouGov RealTime
RealTime research is the most cost-effective solution to gain fast, robust insight from nationally representative or niche groups. Ongoing service to facilitate ultra-fast turnaround of small question sets. Results often available in 24-48 hours.

YouGov Direct
Lightning fast responses to your campaign analysis questions as they happen. GDPR and CCPA-compliant platform enabling sports marketers to measure performance through an actively engaged audience on the fly.  Ground-breaking insight tool available to you.

SportsBoard one of the most powerful media analysis tools on the market.


World-class data delivery formats to speed and enhance your analysis.

YouGov SportsBoard
All of your viewership data tracked and displayed as you need it and ready for your interactive analysis.

Numerous filters, multi-layer drill-down functionality, a variety of display formats and full suite of export options.

“Hands-down the most comprehensive, interactive and intuitive media data dashboard
in the sports marketing industry.”

YouGov Crunch
Powerful consumer data analysis tool enabling instant and unlimited assessment of any custom or syndicated data set.  Comprehensive charting and export functionality.

PDF Reports
Professionally designed, accurate and easy-to-read reports complete with expert insight – ready to share.