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Tracking crypto attitudes among sports fans

Compared to two years ago, more Americans expect cryptocurrencies to be widely accepted, and YouGov data shows NBA fans and NHL are even more likely to feel this way.

Among Americans in general, 38% expect digital currencies like Bitcoin to be widely accepted in the next ten years, up from 32% in 2019. In that time, the NBA has embraced the nascent digital economy, launching Top Shot, a non-fungible token marketplace in which the digital assets are purchased using crypto. It comes as no surprise that 44% of league fans feel digital currencies will account for a large part of monetary transactions in the future.

Roughly the same proportion of NHL fans are expecting such a future (45%).

NFL fans and MLB fans are both marginally more likely than the general public to think we’ll be exchanging crypto on a regular basis in the future, but less so than fans of the other two major leagues.

Among cryptocurrency users, more than half are fans of the four US pro leagues, a far greater share of the population than among the general public. Crypto users are more likely to be fans of the NBA than any other league, relative to the general public.

As more crypto brands enter sponsorship deals with major leagues, YouGov Profiles data shows there are nearly 20 million fans for each of the leagues who have either used cryptocurrency as a payment method or plan to use crypto in the next year.


  • Pro League Fans measured with League Support Variable (“What is your level of interest in the following sports?”) for NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL
  • Types of cryptocurrency used –“Which, if any, of the below cryptocurrencies have you ever used as a payment method? Please select all that apply.”
  • Likelihood to use cryptocurrency (past 52 weeks and past 28 days) –“How likely are you to use cryptocurrency in the next 12 months?”
  • 6/18/19 how widely accepted will cryptocurrencies become in 10 years ––“How widely accepted, if at all, do you think cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will become within the next 10 years as a means of transactions for legal purposes?”
  • 5/14 how accepted will cryptocurrencies be in 10 years as a means of legal transaction ––“How widely accepted, if at all, do you think cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) will be in 10 years as a means of legal transaction?”

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