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US Open – Which golf sponsorships are paying off and what’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for a golf-crazy dad?

For many US fathers the timing of golf’s US Open could not be better. With its climax falling on Father’s Day in America – as is tradition – dads across the country have the perfect excuse to put their feet up, relax and watch one of golf’s finest tournaments.

The sport also offers something of a god-send for hard-pressed sons and daughters looking for a gift for a golfing father. Whether it’s a new set of socks or a new set of clubs for dad, the market for golf equipment and apparel is both competitive and comprehensive. And you only have to look back to Nike’s reported $100m deal with Rory McIlroy last year to understand how sponsorship is driving marketing.

We explored our data to see which shoe and apparel brands are succeeding in breaking-through with golf fans – and putting themselves in an enviable position for Father’s Day gifts.

For fathers who are golf fans, Nike dominates its sector for Purchase Consideration, with almost one in two ‘golf dads’, as we will call them for short, favoring the brand, compared to just 40% for the general population.

As you’d expect, adidas is also popular amongst golf-loving dads, with 38% telling us they consider purchasing the brand. That’s compared to 27% of the general population, providing the biggest difference in Consideration between golf dads and the general public of all the sports apparel companies we looked at.

Right behind the big two, and scoring 30% amongst golf dads is Under Armour. Under Armour’s performance amongst golf dads is 10% higher than it is against the general population. But perhaps this should be no surprise given Under Armour’s heavy investment in three-time major winner, Jordan Spieth.

What also leaps out from the data is the higher Consideration amongst golf dads for sports brands which don’t have either big golf sponsor deals or large golf retail lines. Take a look at five in the chart below.

Reebok does particularly well here, outstripping brands like New Balance and Puma for Consideration but also coming up with a positive difference between golf dads and the general population larger than Nike records. Puma may have a smaller score for Consideration than many of the big golf brands but they also record significant difference between golf dads and the general public. Snow and surf specialists Quiksilver, while not making a huge dent in Consideration nationally, also do considerably better amongst our golf dads.

So while the traditional apparel-makers may come up high on dad’s gift list, reflecting their heavy investments in the sport, our data also offers an opportunity for brands who might not have previously considered themselves a good golf fit to grab a piece of the action. And for sons and daughters looking for Father’s Day gifts, our data also tells us that there are sports shoe and apparel makers outside of the traditional golf brands that will make dad happy. Happy shopping!

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