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Which EPL club has the highest proportion of environmentalists?

Recently, Premier League clubs were ranked by their sustainability credentials by the BBC, which considered each organization’s environmental policies.

As noted by the report, amongst other commitments, Tottenham Hotspur players travel to matches in biofuel-powered coaches and Liverpool have committed to using sustainable aviation fuel in the future. These two clubs topped the BBC’s list.

Considering this report, YouGov data reveals which teams have the highest proportion of self-described environmentalists.

YouGov Profiles data shows nearly half of Southampton fans (48%) consider themselves to be environmentalists, tied with Burnley (48%). These clubs top our list, followed by Brentford (45%), Watford (44%) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (43%).

The aforementioned Tottenham and Liverpool appear midway down our list, with 36% and 35% voicing their environmentalism, respectively. None of the traditional footballing ‘Big Six’ appear in the top six of this ranking.

Meanwhile, among a long list of issues presented to respondents, the environment is considered the most acceptable for brands to talk about, according to a plurality of British football fans (34%). Animal cruelty comes second, with human rights third.

Next up come human rights (29%) charities (22%) and education (21%).

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