BLOG | by Matt Mills

Which football teams are the UK’s young people talking about most, following the restart?

OK Boomer … There are always differences between how people of different generations see things. But does that extend to football teams? Let’s find out if there is any difference in the football clubs that younger people are talking about compared to the older generation.

To do this, we turned to our YouGov FootballIndex tool, which tracks every Premier League team (and many others besides) every day of the week. We looked at our Word of Mouth metric, which asks respondents if they have talked about a football club in the past two weeks and looked at the youngest group we track – 18-34-year-olds – and the oldest – those who are 50+.

As you can see, the top three teams are the same in both rankings. In fact, nine out of ten are the same in both rankings, with the only difference being that Leicester make it into the top ten among younger people and for older people, it’s Aston Villa.

The other main difference to note is the amount these two groups are talking about these teams. Younger people are much more likely to be talking about clubs than older people. In fact, the lowest scoring top-ten team among younger people (Leicester) would come third in the ranking among older people.

So while our data shows that younger people are less likely to be sports fans than older people, that certainly doesn’t look like it applied to football right now.

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BLOG | by Matt Mills

Business Development Executive

Matt’s role at YouGov Sport is to help grow the global commercial operation, focused on developing new business opportunities and expanding the international client portfolio. He also supports existing and potential clients to unlock actionable insights from YouGov Sport’s diverse range of solutions.


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