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Which NFL team has the greenest fan base?

The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnatti Bengals, facing off in Super Bowl LVI, have some of the most environmentally-conscious fan bases in the NFL.

This is according to YouGov Profiles data that reveals which teams have the highest proportion of self-described environmentalists.

While this year’s Super Bowl teams rank highly, it’s the Los Chargers atop our list, with 57% of fans indicating they consider themselves to be environmentalists.

The Rams place second on our list with 52%, while the Bengals are in fourth, with 51%

The NFL has put significant effort into touting its green credentials, primarily through the NFL Green program, and the League’s newer stadiums have taken into consideration their impact on the environment. For example, SoFi Stadium — home of the Chargers, Rams, and this year’s big game — features an artificial lake that holds recycled water for watering the landscaping around the stadium in Inglewood, while also using natural wetlands to filter runoff.

Meanwhile, among a long list of issues presented to respondents, the environment is considered the second-most acceptable issue for marketers to talk about, according to 39% of American football fans. While issues of the environment appear to be safe to take on, a plurality of fans consider human rights to be an acceptable topic in marketing material (41%).

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