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Which NFL teams are the hottest topics of conversation this pre-season?

Following up on last month’s piece on the hottest tickets in NFL, today we thought we’d take a look at the league’s most talked-about teams.

YouGov SportsIndex tracks the US public’s opinions of every NFL team every day, building up a picture of each team’s fortunes across the year.

One of the metrics we track is Word of Mouth – it asks respondents whether they have talked to friends or family about a team in the past two weeks. This metric is quite volatile because it often reflects the news cycle. If a new player is rostered or a star quarterback picks up an injury, this can often affect a team’s Word of Mouth score.

The chart left shows you the ten most talked-about NFL teams over the past fortnight – as well as their ranking this time last year. The table rolls up daily scores for each team over a two-week period and creates an average score for that time.

As you can see, it’s the Patriots who are the hottest topic of conversation right now, with 13% of Americans having chatted about them in the past couple of weeks – perhaps about which receivers will pick up the 40% of Tom Brady’s air yards which are now missing following departures from the roster.

But the Cowboys (11.8%) and the Packers (10.3%) are also picking up their fair share of chat.

The Packers are notable climbers compared to this time last year (up from 7th to 3rd), with some maybe reflecting on the absence of Aaron Rodgers from preseason.

The Oakland Raiders are the biggest climbers in the top ten, up into 6th place for conversation starters – from 16th this time last year. Antonio Brown’s frozen feet and his new helmet will have made a contribution.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles take the biggest hit – falling from 4th to 10th in the ranking. But for this metric, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Having a quiet preseason may simply mean no injuries, a solid line-up and no off-field wrangling. As you might expect, signing Josh McCown as back-up quarterback doesn’t seem to have made many waves.

We’ll check back to this metric later in the year to find out who people are talking about during the season. Once the games begin, there’s only one thing worse than people talking about you – and that’s people not talking about you.

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BLOG | by Tracy Schoenadel

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