BLOG | by Ned Morris

Which sports properties have the most passionate fan advocates? Australian fan advocacy rankings revealed

As it’s the turn of the year, let’s reveal which sports properties enjoyed the greatest levels of fan advocacy here in Australia in 2018.

To do this, we use data from our SportsIndex service.

SportsIndex monitors the fortunes of 44 domestic and international sports properties against 16 different metrics by polling the views of Australians every day of the year.

The rankings show the results of one of those metrics – Recommend – taken across 2018.

For the purposes of this ranking, our methodology takes only the views of those who watch or follow (or who have watched or followed) an event or league. We asked individuals in this group whether or not they would recommend that property to a friend or colleague – and the results make for interesting reading.

As you can see, the jewel in the crown of Australian sports is the Big Bash League – testament to the quality of sport which the tournament offers and the buzz it creates among followers.

So loyal are its fans, that the property beats out all the big beasts of world sport, including the winter and summer versions of the Olympics, as well as the FIFA World Cup.

The AFL also performs strongly in our rankings, with fan recommendation pushing the property into third place, just 2.4 points behind the Big Bash.

Perhaps most surprising is the inclusion of Super Netball in our top ten.

The tournament is only two seasons old yet it beats a number of the domestic big dogs to bag a place at the top table. It will be interesting to see if Netball Australia can capitalise on these strong advocacy levels when the tournament begins again in April.

Well done to all our top ten – it’s one thing delivering an audience but quite another to turn that audience into cheerleaders for your event or league.

If you want to find out more about SportsIndex or where other properties ranked in 2018, feel free to get in touch.

Managing Director
Australia & New Zealand

A leading industry expert Ned brings 15 years’ experience of initiating and implementing strategic management solutions in the sports industry. As Managing Director of our newest international office, Ned is tasked with meeting growing client demand for a presence in the fast-developing Australia and New Zealand markets. Ned operates out of Melbourne bringing his strong insight skills and drive to develop the business whilst enjoying his passion for all things sport.


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