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Which teams’ tickets are the hottest draw in the NFL right now?

With the opening NFL game of the season just a few weeks away, the pundits are already in full flow with their Super Bowl predictions. And while fans are naturally interested in who will pick up the Vince Lombardi Trophy, what they’re also looking for is entertainment. So while the pundits predict, we took a look at which teams the public most want to watch right now.

Our YouGov TeamIndex service tracks perceptions of each of the 32 NFL teams against 16 separate metrics. And our Consideration metric asks respondents, if price and geography were no object, which team would they most like to watch live?

The table left shows the top ten biggest draws in football right now. And as you might expect, it’s last season’s Super Bowl winners, the New England Patriots, who top the ranking. And although their opponents in that game, the L.A. Rams, fail to make it into the top ten right now, they have climbed eight positions to 14th place compared to this time last year.

The Patriots are closely followed in our ranking by the Packers, something perhaps driven by the lure of Lambeau Field, large fan-base, optimism around their new coach, Matt LaFleur, and star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

After the Packers comes a near dead heat between the Steelers, Giants, Cowboys, Seahawks and Saints- who all score within 1% of one another on ‘Consideration to attend.’

In terms of New York bragging rights, it’s the Giants who are currently in higher demand than the Jets – and by some margin. The Jets are currently outside the top 20 amongst all adults 18+ nationally.

From a commercial point of view, it is interesting to note that you could throw a blanket over most of the top ten, with only two points separating places three to ten. That means that it’s a competitive field out there in the NFL right now – just as it should be.

Before we go, we thought we would tell you how these rankings have changed from this time last year. The biggest climbers are the Patriots who have risen from third place to first (and also enjoyed the biggest points increase of any team in the NFL); the Seahawks who have climbed from 11th position; and the Kansas City Chiefs who were 13th this time last year. The 49ers are the most notable team to drop out of the current top ten.

But with almost a month to go until the start of the season, there is still everything to play for. So just who would you go and see

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BLOG | by Lance Fraenkel

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