BLOG | by Matt Mills

With all games televised for the first time, which Premier League teams have attracted the most eyeballs since Operation Restart?

While the Premier League title was all but decided pre-COVID-19, there was still a lot to play for in the rest of the division. Given that fact – and that for the first time ever, every league game was available to view on TV – we thought we’d look at which sides have been watched the most since lockdown was lifted.

To do that, we turned to our YouGov FootbalIndex tool. One of the 16 metrics it tracks every day asks respondents which teams they have watched play recently (on TV, online or live).

Below you can see all Premier League teams ranked since football’s lockdown was lifted, by that metric. It tells us which teams attracted the most eyeballs since football began again on 17 June.

As you can see, the champions, Liverpool, lost out on the title of most-watched – perhaps no surprise given that they had less to play for, once the title was wrapped up. Nevertheless, they won’t enjoy being pipped by their rivals Manchester United.

In our ranking, Arsenal break into the top four, despite finishing eighth in the real table. That’s almost certainly because of their appearance in the FA Cup final this year, which achieved an audience of 5.4m viewers across the full broadcast (an increase of 1.1% on the previous year’s final).

Going the other way are Wolves, who made seventh place in the real table, but are only 17th on our most-watched ranking. Norwich City are the surprise package, perhaps because of the high-profile teams they played during Project Restart but also because their game against Everton featured on free-to-air broadcaster BBC.

Look out for more data from our YouGov FootballIndex tool during the close-season. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to see our updates first.

BLOG | by Matt Mills

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