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With little action to distract them, what sports competitions are the UK public noticing the most?

Given the lack of live action at the moment, it feels like all sports rightsholders are on a level playing field as far as promoting their events or leagues goes. So for the next couple of months (at least), we will be producing a Buzz ranking, giving you an idea of which properties are cutting through with the public.

For the sake of clarity, Buzz asks respondents whether they have heard something positive/negative about a league over the past two weeks and gives a net percentage score.

So here’s April’s summary.

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The table sets out average scores for April against those for the preceding month, so we can get a sense of how fortunes are changing. And as you will see, there are some surprise findings.

The Formula 1 British Grand Prix tops the rankings for April, climbing steeply compared to March. From what we’ve seen, we don’t think this is down to any particular content execution – but more likely as a result of speculation that two grand prix could be hosted at the circuit this year (with both inevitably behind closed doors).

So who else is moving and shaking? Well, the Grand National – which went ahead virtually this year – saw a steep climb.  It’s one of the few events that has gone ahead in one form or another and it sees the benefits here.

The NFL is another to have seen a significant increase in its score and ranking. Its player draft goes a long way to explaining that shift – but it’s more of a surprise to see the NBA join it here in the top 20. The property is normally towards the lower end of our rankings for Buzz but it’s performance here is likely to be related to the fact that its season managed to outlast many UK domestic sports – and the fact that its stars have been high profile and influential over recent weeks.

The Ryder Cup also puts in a decent performance in April, perhaps because it’s not scheduled until September and may still go ahead. People like that kind of quality, we suspect.

A notable absentee from our top 20 (we track 76 properties in total) is the English Premier League – that’s despite it organising a relatively high-profile esports effort last month. Unusually, it falls into negative Buzz, probably as a result of the well-publicised debate over who should pay for staff salaries during the shut-down.

So some real surprises here in Buzz. There are more still if you drill down into specific demographics, like age and gender segments. Get in touch if you want to find out more.

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BLOG | by Bruce Cook

Director, Consulting

Bruce’s career in sport & marketing spans 20+ years. An experienced sponsorship analyst, Bruce has contributed to several industry publications and conferences. He has forged the development of new evaluation models and is regularly sought for insight on the commercial side of sport.