BLOG | by Nicole Pike

Xbox owns the momentum moving into launch; PlayStation proves that value goes beyond price

This is the week! Xbox Series X & S consoles are arriving in the homes of those who pre-ordered … or those who masked up, waited in line, and drove across town to snag their system at a retail location. And, of course, PlayStation 5 will have its moment just two days from now. The console wars are officially on!

YouGov BrandIndex data shows that Xbox has enjoyed some last-minute momentum among the console gaming audience in the US. As of just two days ago, purchase intent for Xbox outpaced PlayStation for the first time in over two months, and only the 32nd day in the past year! Various key metrics began to rise for Xbox as reviews of the new systems started to flood the news circuit last week.

One key indicator, though, where PlayStation has maintained its advantage is perceived value. Yes, you read that right – the brand with the more expensive digital-only SKU still holds a 17-point lead in positive value perceptions over Xbox as of Monday 9th.

So what gives? For gamers, the answer appears to be exclusive/launch titles, processing power, and storage – all areas where the PS5 Digital Edition edges out Xbox Series S.

Photo by QuentinLGH

BLOG | by Nicole Pike

Nicole Pike 
Global Sector Head of Esports & Gaming

Nicole is one of the esports & gaming sector’s most-respected experts, boasting 13+ years of experience in consulting, custom research, sales forecasting, brand tracking, and sponsorship measurement in the space. She has built her career collaborating with major players in the industry to build meaningful data streams and insights, and shaping industry standards for measurement of esports. In a role specially created for her at YouGov, Nicole will help shape the future of our analytics in the esports and gaming sectors, building on what are already some of the industry’s deepest and most sophisticated research tools.


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