YouGov Sport (SMG Insight) launches SportsIndex – delivering daily fan and rights-holder data from 38 countries.

  • Covering 30 sports and 200 leagues/events across 38 countries
  • Market Sizing, Fan Profiling and Sponsor Fit/Impact
  • Ends reliance on ‘stale’ data

Sports research specialist YouGov Sport (SMG Insight) today announced the launch of a new game-changing service for the global sports industry – YouGovSportsIndex.

The new service is aimed at major rights holders including governing bodies, leagues, teams and major events. Tracking 30 sports and 200 leagues and events in 38 countries, SportsIndex is currently collecting data every day, enabling users to:

  • Accurately quantify both the passion and the size of a sport, league or event’s following
  • Profile that following by painting a complete demographic, interest and media consumption portrait of fans
  • Chart the health of leagues and major events through daily tracking on 16 metrics, including Awareness, Consideration and Current Customer
  • Integrate metrics on 10,000 brands globally to show proof of impact and partnership fit.

Frank Saez, Managing Director and Founder of YouGov Sport (SMG Insight), believes that the new service has the potential to revolutionise the industry.

“Rightsholders and sponsors aren’t prepared to wait six months for an updated ‘tracker’ to identify an insight any more. SportsIndex gives users instant access to key data points that have, up to now, been missing from their decision-making armoury.

“Access to this information will give marketers a genuine competitive advantage over their rivals.

“They can now, in a heartbeat, use the data to pivot a strategy, to demonstrate their case in a partnership meeting or prove their market size against competitors. This is what sports marketers have been needing for years.”

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