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YouGov TeamIndex – Are Liverpool’s exploits pulling in the fans?

Following Liverpool FC’s incredible journey this year, we thought we’d take a quick look at the impact their season has had on the club’s overseas fanbase.

To do this, we dipped into our YouGov TeamIndex service, which tracks perception of many of the globe’s biggest football teams in markets around the world. Alongside them, it also follows the fortunes of local clubs. For each club, we track 16 separate metrics, from Impression, through Consideration, to Current Customer.

For this exercise we looked only at our Current Customer metric and compared Liverpool’s performance today to the beginning of the 2018/19 English football season.

The chart above shows, in each market, the percentage of the population who told us they follow or support Liverpool at each of those times.

As you can see, in five of seven markets, Liverpool’s following has grown over the season. That’s not a surprise, given their exceptional performances.

What is more of a surprise is to see their following dip in Malaysia and in the U.S. So let’s look more closely at these exceptions.

In Malaysia, Liverpool remain the third-best supported team and all but three of the top 20 best-supported clubs (both domestic and foreign) suffered a decline in support over the same period. Liverpool, then, were subject to this wider trend.

In the United States, things were somewhat different, with Liverpool one of a handful of teams who experienced a decline in support over this timeframe.

It’s possible that’s because Liverpool started the season on a high in the States, having played three warm-up games there before the season began. Indeed, awareness of the Premier League more generally peaked in the U.S. before the start of the season.

Despite this, though, Buzz (another of the metrics we measure) around Liverpool has more than tripled since Christmas, when the Reds took a four-point lead over Manchester City.

Overall, it’s been a good few months for the club in terms of generating new fans. They’ll be looking to build on what has been a strong season on the pitch in 2019/20 – regardless of the silverware they win this season.

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BLOG | by Ted Harwood

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